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Customer Testimonials

There is no better time in my day than to visit this amazing Hotdog stand. The chef is so hard working and such an amazing person. I wish I could be lucky enough to have a staff member this valuable and caring. She remembered me and my father from 6 months prior and brought the biggest smiles to our faces with her radiant positivity.

Cheese & chives, garlic and chilli,wow best combination I like at hot dog Cafe serve them on chilli wors with onions

Sharl du Plessis

Great product... Great service... Great buy!!!

Super delicious bang for your buck! Highly recommend you stop at Hot Dog Cafe in Kruger Ave.

Always enjoy the regular hot dog with chilli and chives. Absolutely delicious. I often visit the Makro stall. Can't wait to visit the factory shop so can stock some of my own.

I absolutely love Love LOVE hot dog cafe best hotdogs, best quality and most amazing taste ever! Can't stop recommending people to try and get hooked on Hot dog cafe😁 😱 keep on with the amazing service and products!! Wow to hot dog cafe

Franchisee Testimonials

I have been a Hot Dog Café owner for a few years now, and I can honestly say our product is top notch and our prices are very competitive.


Who does not love a Boerewors Roll or a Hot Dog with chips, and may I add, it is a foot-long size. The boerewors and cheese grillers is our best sellers; it is absolute delicious. To add value, we have a variety of sauces and you can add 3 different sauces on your hot dog. You create your own hot dog. How cool.


The best lunch by far, quick and friendly service.

I have been a franchisee of Hot Dog Café for almost 6 years now, love their products, their hot dog sausages are so nice it’s the only hot dog my very fussy husband eats.


I opened my first shop in 2016 and couldn’t believe how well it did. So when the opportunity came along to buy more shops I took it immediately.


I now have three shops and love running them, the Franchisor gives good support, and the organization is well run.

I can recommend the business to any potential buyer.

"As a woman from a previously disadvantaged background,


I can not beginv to express my gratitude for the HDC franchise. 


The onboarding process was seamless, and the day to day trade relationship is functional. 


One couldn't ask for better partners"

I started this business in 2007 until up to date. I joined this company, not knowing anything about the business.


They trained me well taught me how to operate the business, eg to calculate the tax and the profit. They offer you their consultant, to check if you are doing good or bad, to check your paperwork, if is not well they suggest the promotion to upgrade your sales.


They always guide you, solve your problems. I always do marketing for them. I'm proud about them. I'm now the professional business lady. Thanks to Hotdog Cafe. 

I would like to thank Hot Dog Café for the opportunity that they gave me, I started working with them at a young age till they gave me an opportunity to render my own business, they didn’t give up on me because they taught me how to manage a business, they taught not to mix business with my personal life if I want to be successful and now I know how to manage my business during difficult times because of their knowledge and training. I came across lots of challenges in my business but I didn’t give up because of their encouragement and training and I’m thankful for that, I will always be grateful to them because they taught me lots of things that I’m now more experienced, I appreciate that they put more efforts to make sure that my business is doing well through marketing like making promotions in my business so that I can make a profit through promotions. I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL TO THEM. THANK YOU HOT DOG CAFÉ FOR GIVING ME THIS OPPORTUNITY

I started working in this company in 2008 up until now, and this business took me from zero to a hero.


Today I am an independent businesswoman, this business it taught me to be a hard worker, a strong person, and friendly, as I am facing a lot of people every day, today I am because of Hot Dog Café.

I would like to thank Hot Dog Cafe for the amazing opportunity it has given me. I would like to thank all those who were supportive throughout.


A few years ago I started working at Hot Dog Cafe as a staff member. And today I'm a proud shareholder. I've learned a lot about business and gained more knowledge about it. Hot Dog is a majestic franchise and I would highly recommend it, as it's a grand thing to be a part of.


It was not facile but here I am today. If you could also consider applying to buy one of the Hot Dog franchises, you won't go wrong. Thanks again HDC. God bless

As a proud operatere of this amazing brand Hot Dog Cafe i would like to thank everyone in the brand for all the support and courage that they have given me in making our business a success .


We are proud owners of two Hot Dog Cafe in the past two years and look forward to growing this amazing family .


It has been so amazing working with this amazing team for the past two years and looking forward to continuing this journey for many years ahead.

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